Hotel Booking finding the best deals

2Booking a hotel room is a pretty easy and straightforward process – or is it? Thanks to technology, a reliable booking site is all you need.

However, there are numerous mistakes that people can, and DO make, when it comes to hotel reservations.

Make sure your vacation doesn’t turn out to become a nightmare. Avoid these hotel room booking blunders:

Don’t Expect Requests to Be Granted

Most hotel booking sites offer an option where prospective guests of a hotel can make requests and comments regarding any special requirements they may have at the time of reservation. While hotels try and make the stay of guests as enjoyable and pleasant as possible, reading the fine print will let you know most hotels don’t guarantee requests of guests.Best deals

How to Avoid: Disappointment is certain if the chosen hotel doesn’t guarantee a certain amenity or request. The old saying, “expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed” actually rings true; but if you really want a certain amenity (and haven’t been given), speak to the front desk agent and politely request a change.

Don’t Use Incorrect Arrival and Departure Dates

People have numerous other matters to deal with when preparing a trip, therefore making this mistake is expected. Vacationers are overwhelmed with the visa process, budgeting, packing, and finding the best deals an  planning. Hotel bookings are mistakenly selected before or after the scheduled arrival time.

How to Avoid: This blunder is relatively easy to avoid. Remember to have your flight itinerary on hand when booking online for the chosen hotel room. Check and then double check to see that your arrival and departure dates are the same.

Don’t Book When Peak Holiday Season Is On

You shouldn’t leave making travel plans or booking hotel rooms at the very end of your travel arrangements. Doing so can create trouble for your credit card balance, even when booking a hotel room online.

There’s no knowing when hotel rates can go up, especially close to a particular holiday it best to look for the best deals before hand . On the other hand, advance planners can also have it tough by booking a room too early and then having to deal with other delays or not being able to get the better hotel room deal.

How to Avoid: There’s no best time when it comes booking a hotel room. Why? Rates often depend on location, convention crowds, seasonality and even the weather; but the general rule of booking a hotel room online states this shouldn’t be done in more than 21 days advance (to arrival date) at the destination.

To make sure you get the best prices, start checking Hotel discussion at least 40 days in advance but book only when you find the best deals for hotels.

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