great travel deals: Eat, Drink and Walk Like A Local

1Great travel for You won’t know what hit you if this is your first visit to beautiful Sydney.

With sprawled golden beaches, impressive and grandiose architecture, and offering diversity in its food culture, this vibrant and beautiful bush-land leaves visitors wide eyed. This of course can be a bit daunting, especially when it comes to figuring out where to start!

Hotel discussion has got that part covered. Providing little tidbits of information on what locals love to do, following is your travel guide for this summer vacation – or rather, winter vacation!

See a Live Game at the SCG

To locals, sport is an equally part of their culture as sun-bathing and catching waves at the beach. Australia has a league for every game, whether it’s soccer, cricket or rugby. In fact, their supporters are extremely passionate about the club they cheer!

Make sure to look up the games that’ll be played while you’re in town. Tickets can easily be purchased online or at the stadium itself.

Climb the Harbor Bridge

2While there’s a super pricy Bridge Climb that most tourists are attracted to, you can experience the same views at a fraction of the same price.

The Pylon Lookout isn’t the locals best kept secret. It’s often frequented by like minded tourists who wish to also save a few Great travel deals bucks while living like a local at Sydney.

The general admission to Pylon Lookout is only AUD $13 and even lower for kids.

Wake Early for a Great Aussie Brunch

3Only recently has Sydney picked up on the brunch craze that has been a U.S. fixture for years.

Wake up one fine morning and head to one of countless locations best known for their incredible brunch.

Bill’s is a superb choice  in the Eastern Suburbs. Another is Three Blue Ducks which offers a smaller menu is great also.Great travel deals

FourAteFive in Surry Hills and Ruby’s Diner are other plausible options to taste what Sydney has to offer for brunch. With a heavy focus on avocado toast, the best poached eggs in the world and the flat white, you’ll forget about Starbucks.

For more things to do, places to visit and food to eat, download Slices of Sydney, a booklet that provides information on all Sydney’s hotpots and tips on how to travel the city like a local. Go to for information on where to stay while in Sydney. great travel deals,

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