The Right Airline – International Travel Tips

1When was the last time you actually enjoyed air travel?

The right airline is very important for that perfect trip. It sets the tone of your getaway – business or personal. While most airlines today take great pains in ensuring customer satisfaction, people still have lower expectations when it comes to flying.

Apart from convenience and quick arrival at the destination, it seems airlines don’t have to offer more to travelers. However, by following these international travel tips, you’ll be sure to choose the right airline. (more…)

Hotel Booking Mistakes You DON’T Want to Make (Part 2)

Hotel booking  online isn’t as simple as it sounds. Travelers need to do much more than choosing their destination, figuring out the best suited dates, and making the payment.

As covered in our follow-up blog, ‘Hotel Booking Mistakes You DON’T Want To Make (Part 2)’, numerous mistakes can be made when making hotel reservations – mistakes that can t

Following are some more mistakes that people often make and ones that you shouldn’t.

Hotel booking   without Knowing the Location

Many are guilty of this mistake, in spite of the fact that booking hotel sites include the description of hotels. (more…)

Hotel Booking finding the best deals

2Booking a hotel room is a pretty easy and straightforward process – or is it? Thanks to technology, a reliable booking site is all you need.

However, there are numerous mistakes that people can, and DO make, when it comes to hotel reservations.

Make sure your vacation doesn’t turn out to become a nightmare. Avoid these hotel room booking blunders:

Don’t Expect Requests to Be Granted

Most hotel booking sites offer an option where prospective guests of a hotel can make requests and comments regarding any special requirements they may have at the time of reservation. While hotels try and make the stay of guests as enjoyable and pleasant as possible, reading the fine print will let you know most hotels don’t guarantee requests of guests.Best deals (more…)

Safety Factors To Keep In Mind While on Vaca

1 Staying in a hotel is your best chance at security and safety when traveling.

Even though hotels around the world are making visible improvements that enhance security for their guests, The following are some safety tips and advice that will aid  you in your traveling  expedition.

Avoid Making Nightly Excursions

The one rule of traveling to is never walk alone somewhere when you can easily take private or public transportation. While chances are low, pick-pocketing can occur even in a group therefore make sure you’re aware of your surroundings while out at night. (more…)

great travel deals: Eat, Drink and Walk Like A Local

1Great travel for You won’t know what hit you if this is your first visit to beautiful Sydney.

With sprawled golden beaches, impressive and grandiose architecture, and offering diversity in its food culture, this vibrant and beautiful bush-land leaves visitors wide eyed. This of course can be a bit daunting, especially when it comes to figuring out where to start!

Hotel discussion has got that part covered. Providing little tidbits of information on what locals love to do, following is your travel guide for this summer vacation – or rather, winter vacation!

See a Live Game at the SCG

To locals, sport is an equally part of their culture as sun-bathing and catching waves at the beach. Australia has a league for every game, whether it’s soccer, cricket or rugby. In fact, their supporters are extremely passionate about the club they cheer! (more…)