Best Room In Any Hotel tips to think about

hoteldiscussion.com1Your idea of the perfect hotel room can change depending on purpose of the trip. For example; you might be going to Sydney on a business trip and will likely be working the entire time.

Having a spacious desk area will hold priority over any other amenity. On the other hand, having access to a private balcony and spa tub will be on your must-have list on a romantic get-away.

This is why finding the best room in any hotel becomes difficult, even when travelers know their preferences. Following are some helpful advice for travelers looking to book the perfect room in any hotel.

Don’t go for the “Best View”

Many older establishments especially have this problem. They have their biggest, smartest and most expensive rooms facing the front of the hotel. These rooms are often described as ‘rooms that have the best views’, which becomes untrue if the hotel itself is situated on the main road or busy street in the city. Going for rooms with the best view is fine; only if there’s a private drive or you’re located in the middle of nowhere.

Rooms overlooking heavy pedestrian area and city streets should be avoided as the noise will just magnify ten times.

Complain If You Don’t like a Room

As a guest at any hotel, it’s your right to make complaints regarding an offered room. However, make sure to use the bathroom and try the beds before doing so. Single travelers especially if they have been given a small room even after paying top dollars have more cause for complaining about the room.

Book Your Chosen Room… Well In Advance

This is an essential tip to remember, especially if you’re staying during the peak tourist season and want to stay at the best room of hotel rooms available. For many cities (not beach resorts) the peak tourist months are September to October and March, April and May.

Check with Local Tourist Offices

2Tourist offices located in most countries, Europe in particular offer various room finding services for people who wish to book a hotel room on the very same day. The tourist offices typically put up a list of all available rooms on that day; therefore it’s a first come first serve concept.

Getting the best room in the hotel isn’t that difficult once you find the perfect hotel to stay at and know your preferences.

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